kitchen goddess

Murals reminiscent of old Ang Mo Kio

Loving Husband and I explored Ang Mo Kio this past Sunday morning. I was delighted to find these murals along a series of walls at Block 341 Teck Ghee Court Market, painted by one of my favourite mural artists, YC, depicting this suburb of old.

I was particularly captivated by this kitchen scene because we had very similar wooden cupboardwhen I was a child in the early 1970s, complete with the 4-panelled window. We even had the green formica table & chairs (towards the back of the scene) in our kitchen.


  • Ang Mo Kio translated from the Hokkien literally means Red-haired Person’s Bridge. Ang Mo = Caucasian person (of any hair colour actually). There is some speculation as to why this suburb is so named: one version involves a Lady Windsor (a Caucasian woman) mourning a drowned child on a bridge; the other & more likely, after British civil engineer John Turnbull Thomson (a Caucasian man) who built a bridge for military transport in the area.


    1. I do remember you love sculptures and murals found in situ – it’s the surprise of discovering them, isn’t it? and being able to enjoy them in public spaces.


  1. The details in the mural are really fascinating in the way they bring the past to life, and in the way they made you think of the kitchen of your childhood.

    be well… mae at


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