a little Spice for your Everything

Spicy Deliciousness

On my first trip to Scotland with Loving Husband in 1995, I was bemused by the bottle of hot sauce he carried around in his daypack. His unabashed explanation was that everything was better with a little Spice.

This is just a small portion of his collection of hot sauces (not including other forms of chilli sauces, chilli pastes, chilli powders).

Many Singaporeans, like Loving Husband, like their food spicy. SpiceQueen Older Daughter also dabbles in large amounts capsaicin, the ingredient in chilli peppers that make them spicy. Both Younger Daughter and I are of fainter heart & tongue, so we prefer our food only gently spiced (read: no liberally shaking of the hot sauce bottle over our plates).

Bak Chor Mee (dry noodles with minced meat & fish balls), homemade Vietnamese pancake with various chilli condiments,

Char Kway Teow (quintessential Singaporean/Malaysian rice noodles comes fried with chilli as a standard), Ngo Hiang (variety of 5-spiced rolls, served with a more-ish peanut chilli dipping sauce),

This is my contribution to:

Note: Food photos taken by Loving Husband (with the exception of the last).


  1. Ju-Lyn, the spicier and the hotter the food is, the better I like it! I think my husband was a mild spice person before we married, but over the years he’s upped his game, but not to the extent that I like spices…..I’m going to make a list of all your food here, hoping I come to Singapore one day! Do you buy fresh spices in a market also? Thank you for adding to my challenge…….learning about new foods (to me) is very interesting! Cady


    1. Isn’t it interesting that even within our families there is so much variation in tolerance? My younger brother is the best of us all, I am middling, and my younger sister can have just a little. And my daughters: one piles it on, while the other prefers to stay away.


  2. My husband likes food so hot that it makes his face turn red. I, on the other hand, am a wimp and only like a touch. I called my husband in to look at this post so that he could see your husband’s spice collection.


    1. That’s so funny! Thanks for roping Clif in to have a peek!

      Loving Husband is sweating buckets by the time he finishes his meal! I, too, only have a touch. Otherwise I am incapacitated.

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